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Biomass Producer is the place to start your search for information about bioenergy as it relates to primary industries in Australia – in particular, information about the types of biomass that can be used to create bioenergy.

It is designed for:

  • primary producers and their advisors
  • regional economic developers
  • policymakers.

Most of the content on this website lives on other websites – we bring it all together in a way that makes it easier for you to find information that is useful, credible and relevant to you.

The website is not about being an advocate for bioenergy – it is about providing credible information.

It aims to inform decision-making, identify opportunities for primary producers, and give credible knowledge to develop sound policies.

Who owns it?

The Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation (RIRDC) developed the website and manages the content as part of the national bioenergy research, development and extension strategy for the primary industries sector.

The strategy was developed by RIRDC and its partners in the National Primary Industries Research, Development and Extension Framework.

Framework partners include:

  • the bioenergy industry
  • federal and state governments
  • relevant rural R&D corporations
  • universities.

The aim of the framework is greater coordination among these sectors to better harmonise their primary industry RD&E roles and assure that they work together effectively to maximise net benefits to Australia—especially improving the productivity and competitiveness of the primary industries, and making the best use of Australia’s natural resources under a changing climate.

RIRDC has invested $4 million since 2006 in RD&E projects to develop a sustainable, advanced generation bioenergy industry in Australia. Given that its impact in the field was very high for its funding, RIRDC is now focused on communication and extension activities to add value to national and international research efforts.

For more information about RIRDC, the strategy or the framework, contact:

John de Majnik
Senior Research Manager
Phone: 02 6271 4138

Credible content

We make sure that we link only to information that is relevant and credible. All links are reviewed and approved by a panel comprising the contacts below:


Dr Leigh Clemow

Manager Energy, Infrastructure Development, Regional Development Victoria

Level 11, 121 Exhibition Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000,
Phone: (03) 9027 5438

Dr John de Majnik

Senior Research Manager, RIRDC

15 National Circuit, Barton, ACT 2600
Phone: 02 6271 4138

Rob Sudmeyer

Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia

Senior Research / Policy Officer, Agricultural Resource Risk Management, Perth, 6000

Griff Rose

Bioenergy Australia

Technical Director, Magma Pty Ltd,

Dr Stephen Schuck

Manager, Bioenergy Australia

7 Grassmere Rd, Killara, NSW 2071
Phone: 02 9416 9246