MSM Milling Boiler Fuel Switch Project: LPG to biomass

MSM Milling Boiler Fuel Switch Project: LPG to biomass

The MSM Milling Biomass Fuel Switch Project involves replacing current LPG fuelled boilers with a 5MW biomass fuelled boiler using locally sourced timber residue as a fuel source.

The installation of the new Biomass Boiler displaces several smaller existing LPG boilers and can save around 4,000tCO2-e per annum and over 80,000tCO2-e for the Project life. The Project can produce 7,147kg/h of steam output at full capacity, to be used in milling and processing operations. The increased capacity to produce steam at a lower cost with a renewable resource will ensure the business can expand its operation without the risk of exposure to volatile LPG price fluctuations.

Construction and Installation completed in January 2019.

Key benefits

  • Reduce greenhouse emissions from 1,133 to 23.47 kg Co2-eq
  • Reduction in fossil depletion from 401.3 to 7.15E-03 kg oil-eq
  • Reduction in fossil fuel energy use from 16,801 to 0.2994 MJ
  • Help create alternative value streams out of materials that were once considered waste

Case study, January 2019