Power from macadamia nut shells – a world first in Queensland

Power from macadamia nut shells – a world first in Queensland

Suncoast Gold Macadamias biomass cogeneration facility in Queensland claims to be the world’s first and only plant to produce electricity from waste macadamia nut shells.

Now owned by AGL, the plant is located adjacent to Suncoast’s macadamia nut processing facility in Gympie.

The plant aims to convert 5000 tonnes of shell waste into biofuel to generate renewable energy.

The shells used to be sent to landfill, used as garden mulch or burned to produce heat.

The shell husks from the macadamia nuts are burnt in a 6 MW steam boiler. The steam is used to dry the nuts and power a 1.4 MW steam turbine, generating renewable energy for the site and for export to the grid.

The plant produces about 5500 MWh of renewable electricity each year, reduces landfill waste, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by more than 5100 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year.

Suncoast Gold Macadamias is a co-operative owned by 140 macadamia nut farmers and is Australia’s leading producer of macadamia nuts.

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