Markets: Bioenergy markets in Australia

In its first market report, The Australian bioenergy and energy from waste market [PDF 218 kb] published in November 2015, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation states that the Australian bioenergy and energy-from-waste market is under-developed and has considerable potential.

It claims there are significant opportunities for investment in:
  • the intensive livestock and food processing industries, driven by readily available feedstock from process waste, higher electricity prices and demand for on-site electricity, heat or steam
  • energy from plantation forest residues, particularly for export as wood pellets, given low-cost and readily available feedstock.
The report also describes:
  • the investment outlook for bioenergy
  • the key opportunities
  • the investors in bioenergy.

The Australian Energy Resource Assessment (2nd Edition, published in 2014) dedicates Chapter 12 to bioenergy – the resources and the market. Jointly undertaken by Geoscience Australia and the Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics, it describes:
  • the structure of the bioenergy industry in Australia
  • the world market
  • the resources, such as economic and total demonstrated resources, location and characteristics
  • the Australian market for bioenergy, including production, consumption, recent growth, and trade
  • the outlook over the next few decades, which includes an assessment of the key factors that will affect bioenergy (e.g. prices, cost of development, technological developments, and infrastructure).

Clean Energy Australia Report 2014 [PDF 4 MB], published by the Clean Energy Council, the peak body for clean energy industry in Australia, provides a snapshot of clean energy markets in Australia, including bioenergy.

It covers:

  • investment in the sector
  • employment figures
  • number of bioenergy plants in each state
  • current output and future capacity.

The state of the energy market in Australia is described in Chapter 1 of Bioenergy in Australia: Status and opportunities [PDF, 9.6 MB], published by Bioenergy Australia in 2012.

Bioenergy contributes to the following markets in Australia: