Producing biomass: Biomass types: Crops


Agave can be used as a feedstock for creating ethanol.


Oil can be extracted from canola seed to produce biodiesel.

Fibre crops

Ethanol can be produced from fibre crops.

Giant reed

The perennial grass, giant reed (Arundo donax), can be used to produce ethanol.

Indian mustard

Indian mustard can be grown as an oilseed crop and the oil used to make biodiesel.

Native grasses

Australia has about 1000 species of native grasses.

Sorghum (grain)

Sorghum grain can be processed to produce ethanol.

Sweet sorghum

Sweet sorghum produces both food and energy.
Giant reed photo is courtesy of Australian National Botanic Gardens; image by RG & FJ Richardson. Native grass photo is courtesy of Native Seeds Pty Ltd.


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