An environmental win for BGC Brikmakers with grain dust

An environmental win for BGC Brikmakers with grain dust

Brikmakers has found an innovative solution from an unlikely source to help reduce the carbon footprint of its brick- making operations at South Guildford.

Brikmakers has partnered with Western Australian grain storage handling and export business the CBH Group, to use the grain dust accumulated as a by-product across the co-operative’s network.

Brikmakers Raw Material Manager Nathan Blackwell, said “Brikmakers had replaced 10% of its fossil fuel sources with renewable energy through the use of grain dust in its combustion process, and reduced its clay usage by an estimated 45,000 tonnes per year by using the dust in its raw material mix”.

This agreement delivers positive outcomes for both organisations – we’ve been looking for alternate fuel sources almost since the business began in 2010, while CBH has been investigating alternative ways to dispose of its dust,” he said.

“Brikmakers has entered into a long-term agreement with CBH to recycle quantities of its grain dust, and the true benefits of its introduction are now being realised.”

An added benefit is that 1-tonne of grain dust will displace 6-tonnes of clay in the manufacturing process reducing direct costs. Additionally, this reduces the associated carbon footprint of excavating the clay and transporting it. The grain dust also makes the bricks slightly lighter, delivering additional advantages.


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