COMING SOON (2018) – Bioenergy from Straw on the Yorke Peninsula

COMING SOON (2018) – Bioenergy from Straw on the Yorke Peninsula

In September 2015 the Yorke Biomass Energy project was launched to build the first straw-fuelled power company on South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula, as part of a business model designed to slash the cost of electricity for local residents.

The company behind the project, Yorke Biomass Energy (YBE), has been developing a demonstration plant in South Australia over the last few years, to illustrate how a straw burning generator can provide miners with a competitively priced power source for the first 10-20 MW of power.

The South Australian government proved to be supportive and interested in taking steps towards creating a substantial and sustainable bio-energy industry.

In February 2018 YBE has indeed received a $476,000 Renewable Technology Fund grant towards a feasibility study to be carried out before the company makes a final decision on investment.

Available Project Details in the Mainstream Media:

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