EarthPower makes good use of Organic Waste

EarthPower makes good use of Organic Waste

EarthPower Technologies is Australia’s first regional food waste – to – energy facility located in Sydney’s west. EarthPower accepts organic waste material from the industrial, commercial and residential sectors and converts it to green energy and nutrient-rich fertiliser.

The key benefits of the EarthPower Facility include;

  • EarthPower provides clients with lower gate fees than competitors within the putrescible waste industry, enabling a viable alternative to traditional landfill ling and allows for potential savings on other waste disposal costs by improved source segregation and recovery of recyclable organic material.
  • EarthPower facilitates the diversion of waste from landfill and subsequent reduction in green house gas emissions.
  • Production of green electricity relieves pressure from traditional coal fired electricity supply by producing an ongoing source of energy.

In 2007, Veolia and Cleanaway acquired EarthPower Technologies in a joint venture.

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