Kia-Ora Piggery Poo heats and powers the site with some to spare

Kia-Ora Piggery Poo heats and powers the site with some to spare

KIA-ORA Piggery’s Environmental Stewardship ‘Pig Poop & Passion’ campaign incorporates programs to feed pigs waste products, and treat and recycle their effluent. The piggery incorporates a range of waste food by-products into its computerised liquid feed system for the pigs which include rejected or unused packaged or canned products from human consumption and liquid by-products  from food manufacturing processes. Utilising these waste products to  supplement the pigs’ rations results in a huge reduction of organic waste products going to landfill and municipal tip sites.

The effluent treatment and recycling system used at KIA-ORA collects 120,000 tonnes of pig manure annually.  It has resulted in an 81 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions at the site, from 16,598 tonnes a year to 3,121 tonnes a year.

The system uses anaerobic digestion in covered effluent ponds to capture biogas.  This is used to replace LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) for heating and to cogenerate sufficient electricity to replace all the on-farm electricity usage. It generates more than 15 per cent above the site’s needs to be sold into the power grid as a greenhouse gas offset. 

The following articles provide more details about the technology and the piggery’s successes in the areas of environmental stewardship and bias from animal waste:

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