Meredith Dairy heats up with Wood Waste

Meredith Dairy heats up with Wood Waste

Well renowned goat and sheep dairy ‘Meredith Dairy’ has installed a 240 kW biomass boiler to reduce reliance on LPG providing hot water for pasteurisation, washdown and domestic hot water within the factory.

LPG is still required for the factory’s water heating, but the biomass boiler has reduced Meredith Dairy’s LPG consumption by an estimated 1,600 litres per week ($76,500/year). Sandy estimates the cost of producing their own woodchips to be around $31,200 annually (including diesel, maintenance and depreciation on the machines and labour costs) giving an overall cost saving of $45,300/year. This equates to a simple payback period of 2 years, 8 months and has reduced the dairy’s emissions of greenhouse gases by approximately 230 tonnes per year.

The dairy is located at Meredith in Victoria approximately 100km west of Melbourne. Along with dairying, the farm grows wheat, barley and other grains for the dairy animals. Sustainability is the driving force behind much of what goes on at the dairy. As owners of the land and the dairy, the Cameron family are acutely aware of climate change and its consequences. They strive to ensure that all farm and dairy operations are sustainable from both a business and environmental viewpoint and they constantly look for ways to improve efficiency and reduce environmental impacts. This approach has been a key part of their success.

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The Biomass Boiler was installed by Dragon NRG Pty Ltd, a Bendigo based company specialising in importing and installing biomass boilers while sourcing waste woody biomass as a fuel source.

Project Details:
Boiler Size: 240 kW
Installer: Dragon NRG Pty Ltd.

Contact Details:
- Dragon NRG Website –
- Meredith Dairy Website –

Additional Resources:
- Dragon NRG Presentation at the Victorian Bioenergy Network event Sept 2017
- NAB Article – From Crisis to Culinary Success: The Story of Meredith Dairy, 20 Aug 2017