Mount Gambier Aquatic Centre uses locally sourced wood chip for its Biomass Boiler

Mount Gambier Aquatic Centre uses locally sourced wood chip for its Biomass Boiler

The Mount Gambier Aquatic Centre was built in the 1980′s as an outdoor pool facility for the local community.  Three pools are open seven days a week for six months of the year.

Biomass has always been a part of the Aquatic Centre fuel mix, with sawdust sourced from a local timber mill.

The City of Mount Gambier Council considered a range of options as part of the 2014 boiler upgrade.  A ‘triple bottom line’ assessment identified a biomass boiler as the best replacement solution with locally sourced fuel enabling the Council to support local jobs.  The dry wood chip needed for the plant is more expensive to source but it has a higher energy content.  The unit uses between 5 m3 and 10 m3 of wood chips per day depending on the weather.

After a tender process, New Zealand company, Living Energy, were engaged to install a 650kW Austrian made Binder Boiler.

Payback Period – comparing the biomass system to the gas boiler alternative – the payback period is approximately 4 years.

MtGambier BinderBoiler

The system was installed in September 2013.

A Project Case Study is free to download from the City of Mount Gambier Council website.

Further details are also available from a presentation on the Bioenergy Victoria website.

Award Winner – The Centre received the 2014 SA Aquatic Innovation Award from Recreation SA.  The award recognises and rewards practices, facilities, training or services that are exceptionally innovative within the SA aquatic industry.

More information:
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Environmental Sustainability Officer

City of Mount Gambier

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