Peats Soils solve onsite challenges and open up export opportunities

Peats Soils solve onsite challenges and open up export opportunities

Biodiesel manufacturing plant, Peats Soil Anaerobic Digester and BiobiN®

South Australia-based Peats Soil has developed a small scale production
process for biodiesel (developed in association with Adelaide University and has attracted funding from the Australian Research Council) and in efforts to address some of its own onsite challenges, has developed a small scale anaerobic digestion system now getting interest from abroad.

Peats Soil Biodiesel – Peats Soil has developed its own biodiesel manufacturing plant using dirty water it collects from food manufacturing locations. The biodiesel will be used to fuel a new fleet of 13 Scania trucks it is purchasing for its statewide collection and delivery operations.“We hope to make one million litres of biodiesel a year, all of which will be consumed by our trucks and the nine loaders we use in the yard to load the trucks with our organic garden products.

“We have ordered 13 new trucks from Scania that will run on 100% biodiesel. These trucks will replace our existing Scania fleet, plus we are adding two more trucks and two more loaders. This means we will be creating four new jobs for drivers plus adding staff for the laboratory,” Peter Wadewitz, Peats Soils MD said. Alfons Reitsma, regional executive manager for Scania in South Australia, said the company was “delighted” Peter had decided to replace his fleet with new Scanias that run on 100% biodiesel.

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Peats Soil Anaerobic Digester – Peats Soil developed the Anaerobic Digester in order to manage its own onsite need to manage organic waste and identified the ability to generate gas.

BiobiN® – Peats Soil developed the BiobiN® in response to the growing need to recycle the large amounts of organic and wet materials being sent to landfill. The BiobiN® provides a cost-effective and sustainable solution for organic waste generated from a variety of facilities around the world.

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Peats Anaerobic Digester
Peats Anaerobic Digester
Peats Soil Anaerobic Digester Flow Chart
Peats Soil Anaerobic Digester Flow Chart