Pellets from hardwood residues in Glenorchy heat local homes

Pellets from hardwood residues in Glenorchy heat local homes

Pellet Fires Tasmania produces 1,500 tpa wood pelleted for the domestic heating market in a partnership with McKay’s Timber in Glenorchy who supplies dry, hardwood residues.

Well regarded local timber mill, McKay Timber, has diversified into the provision of waste wood as fuel and has set up a pilot plant with Pellet Fires Tasmania to make wood pellets for domestic heaters out of their shavings residue from their dry mill.

McKay Timber also sell their dry shavings and sawdust from their saw mills for bio-energy, which goes into furnaces to heat industrial-sized hot houses for tomato growing, brick kilns and other uses.

We’re always looking at the best way we can use 100 per cent of the resource that comes our way in log form,” says Brett McKay.

Pellet retailer Rob Douglas from Pellet Fires Tasmania said there was huge potential for native timber residues to be made into wood pellets for bio-energy.  Mr Douglas explained that Tasmania had sufficient resources to be able to meet demand without having to import large quantities from New Zealand as has been the case in the past.

“The pellet plant that we source from is capable of 60,000 tonnes per year so that would be enough pellet energy just in that one factory in New Zealand to heat half of Tasmania.”

The joint initiative has seen the development of a small wood pellet mill that produces 1,500 tonnes of hardwood pellets a year, but could easily meet the demand for 3,000 tonnes. Expectations are for future growth in demand.

Mr Douglas added, “We built our pellet plant here just as a proof of concept, to show investors that it’s viable and we’ve already proven that to the point where in the last two years, demand exceeds supply.”



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