PILOT – Trisco Foods turn sweet scraps into power

PILOT – Trisco Foods turn sweet scraps into power

Ipswich based Trisco Foods is turning scraps from the production of chocolate sauces, syrups, cordials and jams into methane gas to use to run the factory. Located at Carole Park, with the help of Aquatec Maxcon. Trisco is piloting an anaerobic membrane bioreactor to turn food waste into energy.

The machine processes up to 50 tonnes of food waste and day and is capable of producing up to 200 cubic metres of natural gas within a matter of hours. The gas is used to heat water and as an energy for food preparation, cleaning, sterilisation and other processes in the factory.

The pilot project is a recipient of $400,000 grant from the Queensland Government’s Biofutures Program.

Further Details:

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TRISCO FOODS - Energy from sweet scraps at the Carole Park Site

Contact Details:

Trisco Foods
website: http://triscofoods.com.au
phone: 07 3718 5800
Aquatech Maxcon
website: http://www.aquatecmaxcon.com.au
phone: +61 7 3813 7100