Waste Wood Warms Yarragon Tomatoes

Waste Wood Warms Yarragon Tomatoes

Yarragon Farmers – the Bayley’s – can produce truss grown tomatoes 12 months of the year thanks to locally sourced renewable energy. The Bayley’s have 1.6 hectares of high tech tomato production under glass.  Annual production stands at 450,000 kilograms – production has tripled since 2014 – thanks to the extended growing season they are now able to create.

The secret?  The glasshouses are being heated by burning 84t of mixed species hardwood waste and 24t of sawdust per week, in a purpose-built boiler – a choice, they say, that was driven by economics and sustainability. The boiler fuel is wood waste, a byproduct of forestry, and is sourced from local timber yards, in sawdust and chip form.

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A 1.6MW hot water boiler was installed in 2014 – the technology was provided by world leading boiler specialists Polytechnik Biomass (from their New Zealand base) and managed locally by Enriva Engineer Sohum Gandhi (formerly at ‘Energence’).

The following articles provide more details about the technology and the farm:

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