Yarra Valley Water Waste to Energy Plant – first of its kind

Yarra Valley Water Waste to Energy Plant – first of its kind

In an Australian first of its kind, Yarra Valley Water, has constructed a waste to energy facility linked to a sewage treatment plant.

The purpose built facility will provide an environmentally friendly disposal solution for commercial organic waste. When the facility is fully commissioned in March 2017, it is expected that it will divert 33,000 tonnes of commercial food waste from landfill each year.

The waste is delivered by trucks from commercial waste producers, such as markets and food manufacturing. As well as helping to keep organics out of landfill it is also helping to make recycling commercial organic waste easier and more affordable for businesses.

The waste to energy facility sits next to an existing sewage treatment plant in Aurora and is expected to generate enough biogas to run both sites with any surplus energy to be exported to the electricity grid.


Yarra Valley Water Waste to Energy Plant
Yarra Valley Water Waste to Energy Plant

The site will have the capacity to process up to 33,000 tonnes of organic waste each year.

Operator: The facility will operate under a new business name, ReWaste. See www.rewaste.com.au.

Contact: Damien Bassett, Manager Waste to Energy Services, on (03) 9872 1870 or email damien.bassett@yvw.com.au.

Website: https://www.yvw.com.au/about-us/major-projects/waste-energy-facility

Partner Developer: Aquatec-Maxcon, an Australian company specialising in industrial wastewater treatment, is YVW’s partner in developing the waste to energy facility.

Current Status: As of December 2016, construction of the facility has been completed and commissioning is well underway. Waste deliveries have commenced successfully, and the facility will build up to full operation in April 2017.