Yarra Valley Water Waste to Energy Plant – first of its kind

Yarra Valley Water Waste to Energy Plant – first of its kind

In an Australian first of its kind, Yarra Valley Water has built a Waste to Energy facility that processes commercial food waste into clean, renewable energy.

The facility, known as ReWaste, is located in Wollert, to the north of Melbourne, and it has been operating since May 2017.

Waste producers, such as markets or food manufacturers, deliver the equivalent of 33,000 tonnes of commercial food waste to the Wollert facility each year.

The facility sits next to Yarra Valley Water’s Aurora sewage treatment plant, and generates enough energy to power the facility and the sewage treatment plant. Excess energy is exported to the electricity grid.

Turning waste into energy benefits Victoria by helping to reduce landfill, and cuts greenhouse gas emissions. By reducing our energy costs, these facilities will also help to keep water bills lower.


Yarra Valley Water Waste to Energy Plant
Yarra Valley Water Waste to Energy Plant


Operator: The facility will operate under a new business name, ReWaste. See www.rewaste.com.au.

Contact: Damien Bassett, Manager Waste to Energy Services, on (03) 9872 1870 or email damien.bassett@yvw.com.au.

Website: https://www.yvw.com.au/about-us/major-projects/waste-energy-facility

Partner Developer: Aquatec-Maxcon, an Australian company specialising in industrial wastewater treatment, is YVW’s partner in developing the waste to energy facility.


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