Starting a project: Jobs, skills and training
Regional employment and development through new rural industries is one of the drivers of bioenergy.


Estimates of clean energy jobs in rural Australia out to 2030, both nationally and for 5 states (and 6 regions within NSW), are published in briefing papers (‘snapshots’ and more detailed ‘roadmaps’) by The Climate Institute in 2011.

The number of jobs associated with ethanol plants with capacities of 50–80 ML/year are available in CSIRO’s Biofuels in Australia – an overview of issues and prospects [PDF, 2.4 MB]

Skills and training

Training courses provided by universities, TAFE colleges, registered training organisations and industry are assessed in Australian renewable energy training and workforce strategy for 2020: Report 2 – Renewable energy jobs in 2009 and forecasts to 2020 [PDF], published by the Clean Energy Council.