COMING SOON – Mindarra Bioenergy Project (WA Piggery)

COMING SOON – Mindarra Bioenergy Project (WA Piggery)

In 2015 Bio-energy developer Quantum Power has been contracted to develop and install a 1-MW biogas system for Westpork, a pork producer in Western Australia.

Quantum’s parent company Geodynamics said the project would be developed under a build-own-operate-maintain (BOOM) model. Renewable energy will be supplied to the pork producer under a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA). The station, located near the city of Perth, will yield biogas with 60 percent methane by converting manure from the pig housing facility at the site.

In 2016 Geodynamics announced the suspension of the project as a result of the uncertainty surrounding grant funding options. Quantum Power will continue to work with the owners of the facilities and the government on options for renewable energy supply.

In December 2017 Aurora Environmental was commissioned by Westpork Pty Ltd (Westpork) to prepare a works approval application to construct an anaerobic pond at the Mindarra Farm Piggery.

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Quantum Power to install 1-MW biogas plant in WA, September 2015

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Works approval application, December 2017