Shoalhaven’s eight-million-panel solar farm is considered Australia’s first. In fact, this enormous project will be the first-ever renewable energy field driven by a solar investment community named Repower Shoalhaven.

Aside from this, Flow Energy, one of Melbourne’s power companies, has assisted with the five-million-dollar project funding.

Moreover, Repower Shoalhaven’s spokesperson, Linda Grey, told the media that the community’s investment was predicted to consume up to five hundred thousand dollars for construction expenses, and they couldn’t have raised such an amount alone.

In fact, she admitted that the organization had exerted a lot of effort to pursue the project and commit to the process. In this case, the project has already been going on for four years.

In addition, Linda Grey also said that their committee has volunteered to commit to the project’s development for four years to get everything off the ground. The team’s effort really is impressive, she said. Flow Energy also reported that the company participated in the said project to assist Repower’s ambitions.

Moreover, Flow Energy has been participating in the ambitious efforts of Repower to actualize the community project and fulfill the community’s needs and living standards.  Because of this, there’s no wonder why local investors, businesses, and organizations are doing their own thing to contribute to its completion.

Thankfully, Flow Power has already contributed many resources to the project’s development until today and promised to continue these efforts through operation and construction.

In addition, these initiatives and efforts are considered social responsibility-driven since Shoalhaven’s authorities have also shown support by granting a thirty-year lease on the re-purposed land west of Nowra.

An Inspiration to Other Organizations and Communities

Repower community and action groups have been becoming more and more famous in the country over time. In fact, these communities have already been spreading across Sydney, Lithgow, Lismore, and Monaro.

Moreover, Linda Grey admitted that she hopes that the entire project would inspire and motivate other organizations and communities aiming to construct solar projects. She also said that when their project is finally successful, this will be proof that it is indeed possible for other communities to initiate their own massive solar projects.

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